Homework for 9/5 & 9/7


NO CLASS–IT’S LABOR DAY! So, also no homework!


Dr. Kent Guion from UNCW’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion will be joining us in class on Wednesday (we’ll meet in our regular room) to tell us about what his office does on campus. Here are some readings to do before class, and don’t forget to bring your one-page response:



Thirsty Tome room

Hi, everyone!

I hope to see some of you either tonight at the reading or tomorrow at the diversity panel. The panel will start at 11 and is in the Fisher University Union, Azalea Coast RM B.


Homework for 8/29 and 8/31

Homework for 8/29

First, remember that we are meeting in Randall Library room 2005 on Monday! Head up to the second floor, about-face to the left at the top of the stairs, and head to the room in the corner.

Explore the VIDA website and come prepared with at least two questions for Lynn.

A few other readings for Monday to help put VIDA’s work in context:

Homework for 8/31

Assignment #1 is due! Come prepared to discuss your findings.


Homework for 8/22 & 8/24

As I mentioned in class, I’ll be posting your weekly homework by the end of the day Thursday, outlining readings and assignments due the following week. Each Wednesday you will turn in a one-page typed response to these readings–some of them or all of them, or even something else you find online, whatever interests you most. Your first of these will be due 8/24.

For 8/22

Read “You Will be Tokenized” from Brooklyn Magazine

Read and review the numbers from Lee & Low’s 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey


For 8/24

In class, we’ll be preparing questions to ask at this year’s Thirsty Tome conversation with writers May-lee Chai and Garrard Conley. May-lee and Garrard will be on a panel next Friday, August 26 at 11 in the library called “Diversity in America From Experience to Page,” modified by yours truly. I would love it if you all could come, but in any case: our class will be coming up with the questions to ask them. To prep, the following:

Read a little about May-lee here, and then read her essay here.

Read a little about Garrard and his new memoir here, check out an article about part of his NC tour here, and read an excerpt from his memoir (you pick!) either here or here.

Don’t forget to bring your one-page written response to any of the above with you to class on Wednesday. Email questions if you have them!



Welcome! And syllabus

324 [Issues of Diversity in Publishing] Staples — Fall 2016–full (updated 8/24)

Welcome to CRW 324: Issues of Diversity in Publishing. I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to take this course, a topic I believe is one of the most important things we should be discussing as writers, thinkers, and members of the publishing community. While exploring the issues facing publishing–and the wider world–in terms of race, class, gender, orientation, disability, and so much more won’t always be straightforward or easy, my hope is that this course broadens your understanding of the complexity of these issues, gives you new things to think about, and challenges the ways you read and write. I’m so looking forward to your thoughts, opinions, and reactions this semester!

Here is your syllabus, which we’ll of course go over in class. But it’ll be here if you need to reference it at any point in the semester.