Homework for 10/3 & 10/5

Homework for 10/3

We’ll Skype for part of the class with Todd Kaneko, poetry editor of Waxwing. Here’s a link to Todd’s website, and here’s a link to Waxwing (check out its most recent issue and its Masthead page to see the diversity at the editorial level!)–come ready with some questions about curating and editing international literature. A few other things to read:


Homework for 10/5

We’ll meet in the library Skype room to talk to Nathan Rostron from Restless books. Read up on Restless books on their website here, including their $10,000 Prize for New Immigrant Writing. Nathan also thought we might be interested in their The Face project. You can check out an excerpt of writer Tash Aw’s contribution here, and read an interview with Restless’s executive editor about the project here. (If you love the project–but no obligation–here are excerpts of the other two installments of the series: Ruth Ozeki and Chris Abani.) A couple of other readings about literary translation:




Homework for 9/26 & 9/28

Homework for 9/26

Paper #2, your publisher profile, is due. Come ready to turn it in and ready to tell the class about your publisher. I’ll turn it over to each of you for about 10 minutes or so to bring up the press’s website, talk about its mission, talk about what you learned from talking to someone there, and to show off the book you brought. So come ready to do all of that!


Homework for 9/28

A few readings for this week:

And since it’s Wednesday, don’t forget your one-page response.

Homework for 9/19 & 9/21 (and Bethany’s article!)

First, check out Bethany’s awesome article in which she snuck in diversity statistics without being asked!

Homework for 9/19

Research your controversial issue and be prepared to explain what happened, the sides of the issue, and your own thoughts/reactions to it to the class. The links on the sheet I gave you are just starting places! There are lots of reactions and discussions to find about each topic online.

Homework for 9/21

We’ll be meeting, once again, in the Skype room in the library, to chat with Vivian Lee, editor at Little A (that’s Amazon’s literary imprint!) and her author Matthew Salesses, writer of the One Hundred-Year Flood. Readings, including an article by Matthew and an interview with Vivian, are below. As always, be prepared with questions large and small for both of them. And you’ve got a one-page response due this week as well, which can be in response to any (or all!) of the readings from the past couple weeks you haven’t written about yet.

Also, a heads-up: I’ll be asking each of you to bring a children’s picture book to class on 10/3–either one you love or one you hate (with respect to diversity, of course). The UNCW library has a collection. Or maybe you want to revisit your own books from childhood. In any case, start looking!

Homework for 9/12 & 9/14

First, a reminder: your counts of Ecotone and Chautauqua are due on Wednesday. Make sure you’re working with your group, and are ready to present your findings!

Homework for 9/12

Remember that we’re meeting in the library Skype room to talk with Jabari Asim! Here’s what to do to prepare for class:

Homework for 9/14

Be ready to present and discuss your count findings of Ecotone and Chautaqua in your groups to the class (so no written response is due this week)! I imagine your counts will keep you busy, but two very short readings

Dr. Guion’s visit

Hi, everyone:

A couple follow-ups to Dr. Guion’s visit yesterday. First, and most importantly, his favorite animal is a dolphin. He wrote yesterday to apologize for not confirming that.

Second, here is the schedule of events (oidi-fall-2016-events) he passed around at the end of class yesterday.

And below is the video about family history narratives and DNA that Dr. Guion mentioned at the end of class.

I’ll post next week’s homework shortly!