Homework for 9/19 & 9/21 (and Bethany’s article!)

First, check out Bethany’s awesome article in which she snuck in diversity statistics without being asked!

Homework for 9/19

Research your controversial issue and be prepared to explain what happened, the sides of the issue, and your own thoughts/reactions to it to the class. The links on the sheet I gave you are just starting places! There are lots of reactions and discussions to find about each topic online.

Homework for 9/21

We’ll be meeting, once again, in the Skype room in the library, to chat with Vivian Lee, editor at Little A (that’s Amazon’s literary imprint!) and her author Matthew Salesses, writer of the One Hundred-Year Flood. Readings, including an article by Matthew and an interview with Vivian, are below. As always, be prepared with questions large and small for both of them. And you’ve got a one-page response due this week as well, which can be in response to any (or all!) of the readings from the past couple weeks you haven’t written about yet.

Also, a heads-up: I’ll be asking each of you to bring a children’s picture book to class on 10/3–either one you love or one you hate (with respect to diversity, of course). The UNCW library has a collection. Or maybe you want to revisit your own books from childhood. In any case, start looking!


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