Homework for 10/24 & 10/26

Homework for 10/24

Your Open Letter essay is due! Come prepared to share what you wrote about, at least a little.

We’ll also finalize the material and protocol for our Writers’ Week information table. If you haven’t completed the tasks assigned to your group, make sure you’re clear about what still needs to be done so we can do it.


Homework for 10/26

We’ll be meeting in the library Skype room to talk to another author-editor team, as we begin to think and talk about the experience of women writers in the publishing industry. Check out Chantel Acevedo’s website here and this article by her here, and Carolina Wren Press’s website here and Robin Muira’s bio here. And read the following:



Homework for 10/17 and 10/19

Homework for 10/17

We’ll be meeting in the library media room to talk to author Bill Konigsberg. Check out Bill’s website here (I’m particularly fond of the text of his Stonewall Book Award Speech or this article about his Trevor Project book tour.) Come ready with questions! A few other readings:


Homework for 10/19

Today in class we’ll work more on our class project. Come with a draft of the week’s mission statement, and any further ideas about reaching out to partners. We’ll draft an email together and get started on creating material.

You also have a one-page response due. And here are a few more readings about language and gender. Feel free to respond to these or the above readings for this week’s response:

  • Check out the very awesome and thorough GLAAD media reference guide for all sorts of information from appropriate LGBTQ terms to covering the bisexual or transgender community in writing.
  • The case for the pronoun “they”: readings from the Atlantic and the New York Times
  • “Should Dictionaries Do More to Confront Sexism?” from the New Yorker

Post-Matthew Plan

Hi, everyone! I hope you all safely weathered the storm. Looks like classes are back on for tomorrow, and my plan is for us to see if we can solidify plans for our class project together. So come ready with thoughts. If you’re stuck in another part of the state and won’t be able to make class, please let me know by e-mail.

We’ll get back to regular readings and responses–and more Skype sessions–starting next week.