Homework for 11/14 & 11/16

Homework for 11/14

First, keep working on your responsibilities for the final class project. Unheard is this week! E-mail with any questions.

We’ll be meeting in the library distance learning room on Monday to talk to Dawn Dorland and Melissa Chadburn about issues of class in publishing. The first link has information about the organization Melissa works for (the rest are more general readings on poverty/class), and Dawn ran the amazing panel at AWP last year on class and publishing. I’ll make sure they introduce themselves at the start of the talk:

Homework for 11/16

A few readings about ableism in publishing. We’ll head over to the library to set up the Unheard shelf for the latter part of class. For the first part, be prepared to share your horrible book cover from last week. And next week, we’ll catch up on discussing readings from this week and last.



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