Homework for 11/21 and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Homework for 11/21

I’ve just talked to both of our guests, who are understandably feeling emotional post-election. Instead of a more traditional talk about publishing, both women seem to prefer a more honest discussion about the importance of art in difficult times. I think we’re in for a treat. Melissa Pritchard, who has been publishing her work for several decades about women, wanted to share this article, and Renee Simms, who writes frequently about gender and race and publishing, this article. (It’s fairly dense, but she’ll talk to us about many of the facets of it on Monday.)

I know we’ve talked about race a lot, but I’m hoping these perspectives by women will also touch on the gender readings we read not too long ago, and they’ll help us transition into thinking about what we, as writers and potential publishers, can do to change the industry (i.e. the world, yes? Art is more important now than ever). That will be the focus of readings during our last week of class as well: some good news and inspiring perspectives as we move forward.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving break! And check back next week for those last-week-of-class readings.


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