Homework and Schedule until the end!

For class on Monday, 11/28

We have a lot of readings to catch up on, so for this class, please have a look at readings from the past two weeks, and choose a point or quote or part of a reading you found especially interesting to bring up in class. Be prepared to share. We’ve had readings on gender, class, and disability–and I’d like to catch up as much as we can.

Also, lord help me, we will finally look at those offensive book covers.

I’ll also make time for doing your class evaluations.

For class on Wednesday, 11/30

First, bring a “classic” novel or nonfiction book by a white writer with you to class. And read these:

I’d like us to take some time in class to come up with a concrete list of ways we, as writers and potential publishers, can enact changes in our lives as we move forward.

For class on Wednesday, 12/7, 3:00 (our final exam time)

Mostly this is our chance to wrap up and say goodbye. I think it would be fun to share some readings and ideas that have inspired us over the course of the semester, perhaps share a children’s book or two we love. There can be food. We’ll touch base on Monday to make an official plan, no readings necessary.


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